Guineas Are Great!

My husband and I bought property in Western Nevada County about three and a half years ago. I'm originally from the Bay Area. So, I am not the total authority on the subject of Guineas. I am a city girl still learning about what works and what doesn't up here in the foothills. I am still just a weekend resident, so things that work for me have to be fast, effective, and self sufficient the other five days a week that I am not there. And one of those things that does work is Guineas.

Being born and raised in a big city, I never had a lot of exposure to snakes and ticks. Oh, I know, I've already gotten my share of teasing from long time residents, "Well, what did you expect when you left the pavement?" I am not particularly squeamish around snakes or creepy crawlies, but I do try to avoid the ones that can kill me. I knew I'd encounter rattlers. Occasionally I did, and I handled it. I knew I may find a few ticks. But the copious amounts I used to encounter daily left me living in fear of the lyhme disease they carry. Needless to say my husband and I became very close that first year. Nightly tick checks were a must. Even back in the city!! My dogs would be covered with ticks, and brought them into my home. I declared all out war on the tick population of my property. I refused to let this one disgusting insect ruin my country dream. Even flies and ants serve a purpose in nature, but I decided that blood sucking ticks are completely useless and I was determined to destroy their entire population within my boundaries. The best tick fighting tool I have found is Guineas.

I want to share the success that I have experienced with this delightful, easy to care for bird. I hope the following information will answer most of the questions you may have about Guinea care, and encourage you to try a few Guineas yourself.